Klub Kid (Too) is a community based family oriented Child Care Center; providing care for Infants ( 1 month - 15 months ), Toddlers ( 15 mos.- 33 mos. ), Preschoolers ( 2 years 9 months - 5 years ), Kindergarten ( 5 years by Oct.  1). The Center's primary goal is to provide a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment in which children can learn through interactive play about themselves, other people, and the world around them.  Our carefully structured and planned Daily Program helps children develop and grow emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually.


  At Klub Kid (Too), we acknowledge the family as the central source of security and identity for a young child.  In keeping with this, we look at ourselves as providing supplementary as opposed to substitute care.  We attempt to support and strengthen the family's role by encouraging parental input and participation in the Center.  Open lines of communication between School and Home promote consistent   quality care, and insures the continued welfare of each child.




1.) Create an environment that challenges children mentally and stimulates them physically, while making learning fun!

2.) Inspire children to explore and retain their natural wonder about the world around them.

3.) Guide children in building friendships with their peers and adults.

4.) Encourage children to willingly contribute to the welfare of others through cooperation, teamwork, participation in group activities, and sharing.

5.) Help children grow into well-rounded, self-assured, little people who take pride in themselves and respect others.


As Professionals concerned with the welfare and education of young children, we recognize that Children develop at different rates and therefore should be treated as individuals.  Every child should be encouraged through positive reinforcement to do their personal best at all times, and feel pride in their accomplishments however big or small.

A good Teacher fosters this philosophy by being loving and supportive, setting a good example, and being a good guide and listener.

A Child's emotional development requires special attention.  Children's feelings should be acknowledged and validated by adults, by providing positive socially acceptable outlets for their expression.  Program units, projects, and activities provide a setting that allows children to assert their individuality yet function harmoniously within the dynamics of a group.

Preschool years are among the most physical and exploratory times in a child's life.  Children should be given the opportunity to develop and discover their physical selves in addition to traditional academic learning and problem solving.  The Klub Kid (Too) curriculum is designed to address intellectual pursuits in fun and physical ways- incorporating gross motor skills involving directional movement, spatial awareness, dance, climbing, jumping, running, gymnastics, ball handling, bike riding, etc...

Helping children develop a sense of physical well being and awareness creates  happy competent and increasingly more independent little people.  The curriculum is designed to stimulate a child's imagination and curiosity, and to support the following philosophy:


                                Self-esteem builds self-confidence.

                                Self-confidence encourages creativity.

                                Creativity enhances learning, and

                                Learning accelerates growth.


At Klub Kid (Too) we feel that by working together with families, the Center can help provide the love and support each child needs to make each day a positive experience, and convert a Child's natural boundless energy into constructive play